Trust That Lasts: How Print Advertising Builds Trust

When customers have a need for a product or a service, the first thing they do is look for a business they can trust.  They want to know that a business is reliable, ethical and will deliver on its promises.  That leaves businesses wondering, “what is the best way to convey this in our advertising?” The answer is easy – utilize print advertising. In a study by MarketingSherpa, 82% of respondents said they “trusted print ads when making a purchase decision, more than any other medium”.[1]

Here is how print advertising can help build and keep trust with your customers.

  1. Keeps Focus in a Distracted World. Consumers get so many notifications come through on your mobile devices throughout the day. They are constantly pulled in multiple directions, multitasking between work, family, home, and personal life. When a potential customer sits down with a newspaper or magazine, they are consciously stepping back from the hectic nature of online interaction and choosing to focus on the information before them. “Readers who are fully attentive to the page are more likely to build a connection with your branding message.”[2]
  2. Brings Connection. Print advertising provides potential customers with a sense of your product or service that cannot be conveyed through flashing online advertisements.  Not only have studies shown the tangible nature of print increases the customers likeliness to purchase a service or product2, but by utilizing content marketing in print publications, you can tap into your customers emotions.  If you are not already participating in our Professional Spotlight opportunity, consider signing up or upgrading to be able to share your story and expertise with your customers in the written word.  This can inspire trust with your customers and provide more brand recognition as your name is used throughout the magazine and not just in your ad.
  3. Authenticity is Built In. When online, customers are constantly wary – wary of scammers, wary of misinformation, wary to provide purchase information to businesses.[3] By utilizing print advertising, your business is automatically seen as trustworthy.  Placement in a specifically targeted magazine with relatable, authentic content boosts consumers’ confidence in your product or service.



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