ATTENTION! How to Get and Keep Customers Focused on Your Business

In the face-paced world of social media, messaging can be fleeting and not impactful.  The key to avoid having your hard-earned marketing dollars swiped away with one scroll is to invest in print and do so by providing your customers, and potential customers, see you as a valuable, and reliable source of knowledge and service.  And the key to this is print media.

Find What Matters: According to the Content Marketing Institute, the best way to get the attention of your customers is utilizing “a highly niche, highly targeted publication that positions your business as a top expert on subject matter that your audience cares about.” [1] DECM magazines are micro-targeted to local Catholics and provide great Catholic content that those targeted readers care about.  This increases the likelihood of your ad being read and retained by potential customers.

Get and Give Good Feelings: Content Marketing can draw in readers in a way other sources of marketing.  Take the opportunity to use the DECM Professional Spotlight to, not only show your knowledge and expertise, but to tell your story. Opening up about your history and your involvement in the community connects with potential customers on an additional level, then just meeting their needs.  And you get the added benefit of advertising in a tangible form.  As Nenad Senic said in the February issue of Chief Content Officer magazine, “Print magazines have an unparalleled ability to keep readers rapt. Yet too few brands leverage the sensory experience print provides…” [2]

Remind Your Customers of Your Reliability: Your potential customers are trying to keep track of a lot of things.  By advertising in a monthly magazine like DECM, you get in front of those potential customers on a consistent, reliable schedule.  And if they need to go back and reference what they saw, they have the magazine right in their hands (better than trying to find an ad you scrolled past yesterday on social media!) According to research noted in Journal of Marketing, sustained advertising results in increased profits and sales response.



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[2] Zhang, Steven. Reasons for Market Evolution and Budgeting Implications. Journal of Marketing: Vol. 72, No. 5. pp. 15-30.