No Luck Needed: Advantages of Advertising in Print

It’s not a matter of luck that advertising in a print publication increases as a business’ credibility, visibility, and engagement. In contrast to internet ads.  Print media provides advertisers increased engagement.  When surfing the internet, people spend less than 15 seconds scanning a website.  But when a reader picks up a print magazine to read, they have made a conscious decision to engage with the content and the advertisers in the magazine. [1]

By being featured in monthly publications, businesses enjoy the ability to reinforce their message with repetition.  Targeted magazines are particularly beneficial because they provide content to an audience of people who are interested in that topic. When discussing local, service-oriented businesses, Jennifer Mellon of Trustify said, “traditional customers still utilize print advertising to meet their needs.” [2] When looking for reliable sources, customers turn to print.

This targeted approach can make your promotional budget more efficient and effective.  Instead of a strategy of trying to reach the largest number of people, you can utilize targeted print publications to make sure your message is being read and retained by potential customers. Our publications are especially useful as Catholics tend to read a print copy of religious materials. 



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