Keep It Consistent and Build Trust

One of the most beneficial aspects to a branding or marketing campaign is consistency.  DECM offers long-term advertising contracts because we know that this provides businesses for the most “bang for their buck.” Check out the many benefits your business can reap by committing to a solid, consistent print marketing campaign:


  1. Consistent branding helps build awareness and recognition. [1]When your ad appears in our magazines month after month, our readers begin to recognize the fonts, colors and techniques used in your ad and association your brand with those fonts, colors and techniques.
  2. Brand consistency communicates credibility. [1] Our readers will see your add in a trusted source that they readily read and relate to.  By seeing your ad along with top-notch, credible, valued content, our many readers will know you are trusted and credible.
  3. Staying consistent builds trust and referrals. [1] Companies thrive on referrals and recommendations. Not only do our magazines serve as a referral source in and of themselves, our advertising space is filled by referrals from other business and creates close-knit working relationships with our readers and local businesses.
  4. Brand consistency builds on previous successes. [1] After a customer has a positive experience with your business, you will want to assure them the experience will happen again.  By keeping your marketing campaign consistent and limiting changes, it lets customers know they can expect the same experience when they return. 


[1] Waller, Lauren. Inkling Creative.