Why Advertise in a Community Magazine?: A Niche Marketing Strategy

Often the first question asked when deciding how to spend advertising dollars is, am I actually getting my message to my target audience? Thankfully, local publications have a track record of reaching and keeping target audiences for local businesses.  Here are some key factors as to why you local magazine can maximize your advertising reach.

  1. Pair your ad with content that interests your target audience. A local community magazine, especially Decided Excellence’s Catholic magazines, maximize the retention of your ad with your audience. The readers are interested in the content provided, leading them to give more dedicated time to the publication, including your ad. [1]
  2. Keep it local. Getting your business in front of a lot of eyeballs is nice, but isn’t entirely helpful if the eyeballs are in a different state.  Placing advertising in a local community magazines guarantees that your ad is seen by an audience that you service as well as an audience that doesn’t have the added challenge of traveling to you.
  3. Show your credibility. By partnering with your local Decided Excellence Catholic Media magazine, your ad is associated with content from trusted community leaders.  In turn, readers are more likely to trust your business as well. This is a distinct benefit of print advertising as a whole. Many people are leery of online advertising with a rise in cybercrime, and they feel more confident in using a business or service advertised in their local magazine. [2]
  4. Stay for the long haul.  Local, niche magazines have much better staying power compared to digital advertising; local publications are read, kept and referenced back to when a reader is looking for a local service. Invest in a long term campaign and ensure you are top of mind in your audience when their need for your service arises. [3]



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