Make the Most: Effective Advertising

Looking to make your advertising budget the most effective?  Decided Excellence Catholic Media provides an unprecedented opportunity to make sure that your advertisement effectively reaches your consumers. According to a study performed by L.E.K. Consulting, community-based magazines are considered the most effective form of targeted advertising. [1]

By telling the story of local community members as well as including local events and announcements, our magazines are open and read by many of your target consumers. In a multi-state survey of 265 adults, data shows that 98% of people would open a DECM magazine if they got in the mail, 94% would read the magazine and 91% of people said they would consider using the businesses if they were in need of their services.

When consumers are engaged with the content, it is easier for the reader to identify their own needs when assessing the ads in the magazine.  This increases the already effective micro-targeted approach.  As research by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) shows, by investing in advertising in magazines, advertisers experienced a greater return on investment than other mediums. [2] Use your advertising dollars wisely and advertise in DECM magazines!



[1] L.E.K. Consulting, LLC. L.E.K. survey and analysis. Fall 2017. 

[2] Sorce, Patricia and Dewitz, Adam. The Case for Print Media Advertising in the Internet Age. RIT Scholar Works, No. PICRM-2006-02.