Hitting the Target: The Demographics of Print Media

A diversified marketing strategy is important to any business.  But how do you know which medium is best to reach your target audience? The great news about print media is that it hits many of the key demographics for small businesses right in your community.  


Consider the following data:

  1. 70% of households with an income above $100,000 read print media. [1]
  2. 58% of adults aged 18-34 read print media. [1]
  3. 95% of people 25 years and younger read magazines. And 92% of 18-23 year olds find it easier to read print over digital ads. [2]
  4. 39% of consumers who see a print advertisement then also visit the advertisers website – up from only 12% in 2009. [2]

This all translates to:

  1. Consumers with disposable income will see your ad.
  2. Decision makers see your ads.
  3. Brand awareness can be established as younger consumers become decision makers.
  4. Print media supports your other marketing efforts.


Set your business up for success by targeting both your current consumer base and future consumer base by investing in print media!


[1] Southern California News Group. Print Media isn’t Dead, and Neither is Print Advertising—It Triples Campaign Effectiveness. https://socalnewsgroup.com/blog/print-advertising-isnt-dead

[2] Andre, Louis. 26  Relevant Print Marketing Statistics: 2022 Ad Spending & Impact.https://financeonline.com/print-marketing-statistics.